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We use Effective Advertising System to drive 10x of sales while lowering marketer time by 10x.

  • Using Effective Advertising System to Create the Winning Ad that SELLS
  • We Simply Call it the "Sweet Spot"
  • Every product, every brand has a better USP yet to be found.

Our Product

With the help of effective advertising system we provide a one-stop web-based advertising solution for advertisers to FIND the "Sweet Spot" of a brand/product after strategically auto-generating a VERY LARGE QUANTITY of creative ads.

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Understanding Our Technology

How do we use effective advertising system to find the "Sweet Spot" for a brand/product?

Extraordinarily Creative Images

Our effective advertising engine is capable of finding images which human marketers can never think of.

Yes. We are saying our effective advertising agent beats human marketers in terms of creativity.

Large Quantity Test

We use a smart algorithm to run thousands of tests within a small advertising budget.

The tests themselves do drive clicks/sales as well. No waste.

Hit Prediction

Our effective advertising system model, pretrained by previous ad data, effectively predicts the hit rate of the current piece of advertisement.

The prediction helps human operators and effective advertising system self-improve.

Directional A/B Test

The daily result gives our effective advertising system a better idea which "direction" to move across the chessboard.

Every day, we are getting one point closer to this product's "Sweet Spot".

How we help advertisers

How do our human marketers partner with effective advertising system to market your brand/product better?

Get Analytics

Our human marketers get ideas from a set of ranked images which have been previously tested specifically for this brand.

Effective advertising system provides human marketers a solid foundation to generate ideas.

Ideas into Keys

Next, our human marketers insert their ideas into several "key areas" of the final advertisement.

Generate, Handpick and On

The effective advertising engine, fueled by the input of human marketers, start to carefully and creatively generate a large quantity of ads.

The ads are handpicked by human marketers and customers (also human), which serve to improve effective advertising system.

Smart Adjustments

Our human marketers, aided by effective advertising system's prediction scores, improve the ads on a daily basis.

The ad results also tell effective advertising system how to auto-adjust its selection for the next day


This is our clients’ favorite part. With one gentle touch, the effective advertising system generates a report based on what it "observed" along the way. Our customers can use the report as a "guideline" for future advertising materials.

Recent Works

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Who can use GlobalSocial

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    Very Large E-Commerce Website

    You'll be amazed how our effective advertising system auto-generating ad banners can help ALL products under your umbrella towards better sales.

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    Advertising Agencies

    Our tool is independent of language and culture. Any ad agency can use our tool to dramatically increase ad performance.

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    Brand Owners/Advertisers

    Our experience makes you the customers we are familiar with. Contact us immediately to start finding your "Sweet Spot" TODAY!

Our Team

Our Team is made up of Stanford graduated experts and seasoned marketers.

George Liu
Co-founder & CEO
Stanford EE, MS&E

Charles Ng
Algorithm Advisor
Stanford Ph.D., Coupang, Demandtec
Dave Chen
E-Commerce Advisor
Stanford M.S.,
E‧Commerce Veteran
David Chang
General Manager
10-year Ad Tech/Social Media Building
Susan Shi
VP of Sales
15-year Media Advertising